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No Trick or Treat Poster

The decision not to answer the door to trick-or-treaters, particularly among the elderly, can be rooted in several considerations. Safety is a paramount concern, as opening the door to strangers during the evening can feel risky. Moreover, for some people, mobility issues or hearing impairment might make it challenging to promptly respond to the doorbell.

Some elderly individuals might simply prefer a quiet evening to themselves, not sharing the same enthusiasm for the Halloween tradition. It's crucial to be understanding and respectful of these choices, as everyone's comfort and peace of mind should be respected, especially during the holiday season.

To assist with this, Everlife have produced a poster to put on your door informing people that you do not wish to take part. Please feel free to download and share. (Download at bottom of page is higher quality)

No Trick or Treat 2023
Download PDF • 10.22MB


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