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Home from Hospital


Our home from hospital service provides you with the support you need to recover, continuing with a lower level of care than needed in a hospital setting.

Returning home from hospital following a stay because Support of an operation, illness or injury can be daunting. Support at home can help you to recover and transition back to your independence.


Phased recovery

We believe that a phased recovery process is key to your wellbeing and health. Rather than struggle when you arrive home from hospital, taking the option of care at home, either to regain your independence and confidence, or to have assistance when you are recovering from an injury or illness will make all the difference to how you recover.


Returning home to familiar surroundings

The option to have help at home means that you stay in familiar surroundings with your loved ones, friends, pets and all of your memories. This can assist with keeping you motivated and determined, rather than being on your own in a hospital or rehabilitation centre.

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Our dedicated staff

Our staff are upbeat, compassionate people who provide companionship, support and assistance to aid your recovery. They are highly trained so are knowledgeable in all aspects of care and support. Our aim is to keep you as independent as possible. This means we will do as much as we can “with” you rather than “for” you. As with the nature of recovery, our support will change as you change. We will review your recovery at regular intervals, updating your personal care plan to reflect this.

Join countless families who have entrusted Everlife with the well-being of their loved ones. Discover the difference our care services can make in your family's life.

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