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Assistance for Older People

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As people are living much longer, we want everybody to enjoy their extra years. Help in your home can enable you to stay independent, living your life to the full for as long as possible.

Independence, dignity and respect

Our support service promotes independence, dignity and respect. This means that where we can, we will do things “with” you rather than “for” you. We will never come in and take over; we work with you, helping you to choose the way you want to live your life. Enabling you to carry on your life as normal, with as minimal interruption as possible is our aim.

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Personalised care and support

Your care and support plan is personalised to your needs and wishes. We want you to have as much input as possible, so you still have full control of your life. Your personalised care plan is tailored to exactly how you want it. This means you can have as little or as much support as you need within the comfort of your own home. We also include social activities so we can accompany you or help you to get out and about in the community and enjoy living your life.


Peace of mind for your family

Receiving daily visits from Everlife offers your family the comfort they require, providing them with the assurance of your safety. Additionally, having someone present can aid in the early detection of any health or medical issues that may arise. Our in home support service also contributes to enhancing and sustaining positive relationships with your family and friends. This allows them to continue in their roles as your loved ones and companions, without assuming the responsibilities of a carer. If you already receive assistance from a family member or friend, it is essential for them to take periodic breaks. During these times, we can provide the necessary support to ensure your wellbeing.

Join countless families who have entrusted Everlife with the well-being of their loved ones. Discover the difference our care services can make in your family's life.

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